From a vegan to a vegetarian (transition)

This is a quite uncommon topic and that’s the main reason why I think it is so important to write an article about it. When you search in Google how to make the transition from being vegetarian to become a vegan, you’ll find a lot of articles, videos etc. but there are almost none for the opposite.

This took me some time, half a year, I suppose, just like before it took me the same amount of time from omnivore turning to vegan. Fully I have been vegan for two years and now it’s time for a new chapter in my life. To make things clear, I am still all for animal rights, veganism, I support it as much as I can. I haven’t changed my thoughts (just a bit due to these small changes with my further eating habits), I’m not turning into someone who’s against veganism. I wasn’t radical while being a vegan and I won’t be radical now.

Now, how this can help you? Simple. Nowadays turning into vegan is no longer a problem, each second Youtuber have tips on how to do that, there are a lot of articles, more and more celebrities are trying out veganism. New vegan restaurants and cafes are opening and thriving. But, like I mentioned before, people don’t talk about how you can change your plant-based eating habits back to being an omnivore or in simple words – back to eating meat and other animal products. And there is even fewer information about how to become a vegetarian after you have been vegan. I can understand why.  Veganism is not just about eating habits, mainly it’s a lifestyle and in time, it creates an image of who you are, it takes quite a big part of your personality and the outlook how you project yourself in this world. So it’s absolutely understandable that it is challenging to reset your mind again and to create a new image for yourself because people already got used to you as that vegan persona and all that comes along with it. It is difficult for you as well, to cut some of your strings in your brain and replace them with new ones. You have to change your viewpoint looking at the retrospect. You have to be honest with yourself and clear, why you need this change? For example, for me, it’s quite simple. At the beginning, the reason I went vegan was because of health reasons, I was into a healthy lifestyle, I did some research, I convinced myself that veganism would be even better for my health, although, due to some issues because of my previous eating habits I thought that in time I could have some problems due to being a vegan, well, I wasn’t wrong. But at that time, I went so deep into the topic of veganism, that I also pushed a switch in my brain which turned on the alarm for my ethical and moral views over animals and their rights. So I decided to become a vegan. And that was an amazing choice! No doubts and no regrets. New recipes, new people, activities, places etc. Definitely, if you are a vegan or you’re looking into this lifestyle, your health allows to do that, go for it! As you can tell from the title, I decided from plant-based eating habits turn into a vegetarian. Why? For sure I didn’t lose my faith in this field. I have some health issues, more precisely digestive issues and I can’t handle them too well with plant-based food. I don’t see myself eating meat, fish, seafood or anything that’s made by killing animals so I will try vegetarianism. More precise, I’ll be the basic ovo-lacto vegetarian. I will have more articles about vegetarianism further on. Yet, I still wouldn’t want to support the dairy and egg industry but at this point, I’m not able to help in any way if I feel like crap all the time. But there are some ways which make it at least a bit more humane. Like free range eggs, supporting small local businesses, where they treat animals with respect etc. I tried for a year (from two years being a vegan, the last year was a struggle), I tried some enzymes and probiotics etc, but in the long run that wasn’t a big help. Before I went vegan I had low carb-low fat-high protein-low calorie eating habit regime. And at that time it worked well for my well-being unless I went too deep with “low calorie” part. So now I will try something similar with some changes here and there, let’s see how it works for me. My stomach can’t digest too well high carb intake, as well it’s quite unfriendly to gluten and, well, this was a struggle while being a vegan – it doesn’t cope with legumes ( which is an essential source of protein for vegan nutrition). Being a vegan and having struggle with digestion by eating carbs and legumes (that includes soybeans and products made out of them) plus having problems with gluten…well, it can be quite challenging at times, to say the least. So other I had to deal with discomfort, pain or I ate a lot of sweets and some other stuff to get calories. But that’s not a solution, I want to have a healthy eating habit, that benefits me in a long run not ruin my health. IBS, some other issues. And I’m not alone in this. As well, you are not alone, if you are reviewing your decision on veganism. We all should look closer to our health and wellbeing. Those are the most important things, without them, nothing else really matters.  We should help others (that includes animals as well) but first, we need to help ourselves. And we need to do our best, not for all “the best” is the same.

Pros turning from vegan to vegetarian:

  • Easier to get all your nutrition from food
  • A larger range of foods
  • Easier to fit in and have larger food choice at social events (let’s face it if you are a vegan and you hang out a lot with people which are not even vegetarians, not mentioning vegans, there is a barrier between you. The struggle where to go if the plans are to go out, always planning what to take with you, or give directions to hosts, if you’re planning to come over. Although veganism has grown, yet, there are places where you will be able to get only french fries with some sliced tomato on a side, while your family or friends will have a wonderful 3-course meal. If you hang out mainly with vegans and vegetarians, there are no problems)
  • Socializing gets easier (A lot of people still don’t understand veganism, or for their own reasons they deny it. While being a vegetarian, still meat-eaters will look strange at you, more likely they feel uncomfortable about their food choices, yet, they will understand that a bit more than they do if they need to deal with vegans.)
  • More places where to eat out

Cons turning from vegan to vegetarian:

  • Depending on what type of vegetarian you are, you will be a part of an animal suffer support system. (dairy, egg, etc. industries)
  • Vegetarianism does more harm to the environment than veganism.
  • A lot of vegetarian products (cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, butter, cakes, other sweets) are high in calories and not too healthy. So mainly, if you want to stay healthy, still veggies will have to be your best friend with some pinch of low-calorie dairy products (just make sure that fat are not replaced with tonnes of sugar)

I still have dual feelings due to this transition from veganism to vegetarianism. But I’m excited about trying out new recipes. My favorite meals are one-bowl meals. I find them to be easier to make, a bit faster (especially if you meal prep), as well it just looks like a heavenly rainbow and seems quite appetizing (if you take a bit of time and effort to make it look like a little masterpiece, not just throw everything in a bowl, like I do most of my days when I don’t have time for artistic activities). Bowls of Goodness is a great book for one-dish meals. Delicious and beautiful. And vegans, there are recipes as well for you. You can see for yourself by checking it out on Amazon.

bowls of goodness_book.jpg

What are your eating habits? Did you had some changes with them or you’re planning to change something? Leave a comment down below 😉