136 km hike along the coastline

That was a useful and magnificent experience! I would describe it as well as self-torturous adventure with a pinch of pleasant and fun moments. When you feel like crap and you want to fall on your knees and start to cry what would you do? Stop? Cry? Surrender? No, you swallow your sh*t, put your mind on the right wave and you keep on going…at least if you want to get from that point A to point Z. That’s what I did.

136 km in 55h, those were the rules. As usual, I broke some rules a bit, so I didn’t fit in those 55h but I made it in 58 h. But, heck, I made it till the end even with half-destroyed feet, painful knee and swollen ankle and stomachache, and no purpose whatsoever except to go till the end. As well quite late starts after a sleepover under pine trees and long breaks. In beginning, I wanted to just chill and enjoy the ability to feed the creature that lives in me, who is always craving for walking journeys, but it got harsher than I thought because of the trauma but power wise I was doing OK. Good to know.

And here it began…

dav[Photo: Latvia/Kolka. Taken by author]

Definitely, it was useful experience from the perspective of self-growth. In this kind of a challenge, you can see yourself from a different angle. I don’t mind it, I wasn’t too surprised about how I dealt with certain situations but still, I got to know me more and the person that I went together on this adventure.

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Ok. 100 km is done. Last 36 km to go…and man, I can tell you, it was like going through hell! At least my feet felt like I was walking through hot coals hahaha. Hiking shoes you disappointed me. Oh, well. Next year I will try some other shoes, all though, I always have problems no matter what shoes I choose. So I’m looking for a miracle. Do you have one? Or at least a recommendation?

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Walking never ends…day or night…sunshine or moonlight. Breathe in deep the fresh air. Know your surroundings. Enjoy what you can.

dav[Photo: Latvia/Kolka. Taken by author]

First time as well for sleeping under the clear sky without a tent. Just some invention to not get killed or at least annoyed till death because of all those million mosquitoes who tried to get to every single inch of my body. I love animals and all living beings but these little insects…oh, may! They are evil bloodsuckers!

001[Photo: Latvia]

Let’s not forget about the backpack, at some point I felt like it would have been anchored and I still needed to drag it with me hahaha

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Normally I don’t drink coke too often but at this point, I seriously needed some sugar intake.

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Some nice spots along the way…this is in Latvia. From the point where is the open sea (Baltic sea) at the place called Kolka. Along the gulf coastline till the place called Dubulti.



dav[Photos: Latvia. Taken by author]

Mmmm…that cold, refreshing feeling. After this kind of experience, people learn to appreciate even more the small things in life. Shower, nourishing food, clean clothes, etc. Thumbs up for all this! It was rough but worth it. I would recommend you to go for a long hike if you haven’t done that already. Alone or with someone. You can see yourself and partner from a different viewpoint and you can learn a lot from this experience. Would I do it again? I would say more yes than no, but I would change some things here and there to get a disparate experience.

This blog post may sound quite whiny and negative but I can mention that during this hike I had around 80% positive emotions and attitude. I had a good dose of laughter, I smiled a lot, spent some time with great people, had calmness within me etc. So it was all well most of the times.

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Some tips and tricks

You should take:

! don’t take too much stuff

  • hiking shoes are ok, but the ground surface in this area is quite soft most of the times, so good, breathable running shoes would do.
  • adequate clothing for weather conditions
  • extra socks
  • mat and sleeping bag. Good sleep and rest for your body will be useful.
  • a hat that covers as much as possible and protects from sun
  • sunglasses
  • flashlight
  • anti-insect spray
  • take some medicine if you know that you could have some issues. Plasters, etc. And cross your fingers that you won’t have to use them and everything will go smooth like silk thread.
  • snacks
  • water


  • If you aren’t an active person on a daily basis, do some cardio training already sometime before you go

Some more tips:

Try this kind of experience!

What about your hiking experiences? What did you gain from it?


Radical statements and beliefs. No! Why not?

Simply because since I remember myself, I always have thought that everyone should have the freedom for their own opinions and beliefs and their way of life till it’s not acting out and destroying other living being lives in a malicious way. You’d call me a freedom fighter? Be it so, if you wish. I just have my own beliefs and values for life. We all are unique with some similarities, the point in this uniqueness is that we are different and because of that I am not seeking for agreement or acceptance from all sides, actually for me it is fun and pleasurable to see all the people’s different faces. This is what makes this world so unrepeatable.

I don’t fight for a perfect world to live in, equal rights, no injustice, and paradise on the Earth. I am not preaching for rebellious acts, bohemian lifestyle and veganizing the world. Yes, I may mention this, it may appear in some of my acts in a daily basis, some sentences in this blog and some conversations along the way but it is not preaching, I have never forced my thoughts, beliefs, and values upon someone else’s. During my lifespan I have changed some, I have found and accepted more compatible approach for my own self, it’s not carved in stone, some may change, some will develop in time, some can be added but this one, which I mentioned earlier, never leaves me – everyone should have the freedom for their own opinions and beliefs and their way of life till it’s not acting out and destroying other living being’s lives in a malicious way. And this is the reason why I am not a preacher. Even with this one, I just tend to “walk away” if I see the one-way road from the other side. Because I don’t spend my precious time for meaningless, nowhere leading and endless argues. My mission is to interduce you with some ways of life, to lead you to your own path of deeper awareness and most importantly, to lead you to think.

Thinking is the key. When we stop following the crowd, blindfolding our true selves, we start to question, to analyze, to think, magnificent changes and miracles start to happen and that’s the path to our happier lives.

So If I truly believe that everyone should be free to have their values, beliefs, opinions, and way of life, why am I telling about mine or paying more attention to some more than others? Simply because I am telling you this to complete my mission – to lead you to awareness, thinking and understanding, afterward you have your own choice, then it is up to you which way you go.

I’m telling about things which have meaning for me, I am passionate about and I know something about them, in this way it is easier to interduce you with the process of thinking.

Why is it important? Well, I was in the same place. I followed the brainwashed crowd full of society dogma’s and wondered why am I unhappy till the moment I “woke up” and decided to put a stop to this ignorance and found my own “voice”. There is nothing wrong with any way of living, if it doesn’t do harm to others and if it’s something you really like and enjoy. If I’m telling that it is important that everyone can have their own way why am I excluding harming others and being cruel to them? First of all, some borderlines always should be, second of which, it lays in the same box if you lead your life in a way that does harm to others without their approval, your forcing your sh*t on others. Speaking about myself, of course, there are some ways with which I don’t and won’t agree, but it doesn’t give me the rights to blame and force my own beliefs upon someone. It is normal, we can’t all be the same and have the same viewpoint and beliefs if I won’t agree, I simply “walk away” and put my attention to things I and like-minded people care about. Problems arise when people think that there is only one right way – their way and they try to prove it in all possible ways that it is the only right one and are forcing it upon others no matter what.

In the end, I wish well to our planet, people and all living beings. Enough of ignorance.

May seem that this blog post is about me and my viewpoint, it is and it’s not. It’s about creating a splash of curiosity and awareness for you, that you can take at least 5 minutes and think about your beliefs and way of life that is important for you.

What are your main life guidelines?



25 life lessons in 25 years

Couple days ago I had my 26th birthday. One step closer to 30, I have dual feelings about this. One part is quite scared of getting older (Quite common fear. No one wants to get older, that means closer to the end of this life. Mainly, all fears, in the end, lead to one – fear of death, but this can be another subject and I am not going into it at the moment), but the other part has this indescribable feeling that the best moments are just ahead. All thought, I have to mention that I look forward to my future, but I am not “living in it”, I try to live my life like it goes. At this moment, because it is really the only time we have. We can be joyful and happy if we have a sensation of consciousness for the present moment.

So here I am my new age, I welcome you with an open mind, arms and heart.

In the list below you can see some of the things I have learned. I have stories and experiences behind all of them and I could continue this list for a while, but let’s stick to 25 for now. Maybe you will find associations with yourself and your life path or you may find something useful even without your own experience. If you wish, in the comment section, you can share your life lessons, would be interesting and useful to hear from you, dear reader.

So, here are my 26 life lessons:

  • Health is the most precious “thing” you can have. Without that, nothing else really matters.
  • Be yourself. It is your life and you live by your rules. Don’t let anyone or anything to take over. Some may like you, some won’t, but in the end…you are the one who tells your own story, others can choose to listen or to skip it. You should be happy and proud, so write and tell the best damn story you can imagine!
  • Life really is too short to try to please everyone. Just be you, do what you love with your best intention. The right people will come along the way and will accept and like you as you are.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. But if you want to do that, compare to yourself. You are the only person you should compete with.
  • Don’t be too self-critical and perfectionist, in this way your mind-blowing ideas will go down the toilet even before they will have the opportunity to get out your head and rise. Have an idea, go for it, work for it, afterward you can let your criticism and perfectionism to take over a bit and smooth out unevenness.
  • Listen to constructive criticism. Listen. Analyse. Learn from it. Do better.
  • Your family are the closest people you will ever have, don’t let some small issues get in the way and destroy those close ties. Spend some quality time with your parents, you are not the only one who is getting older.
  • Your childhood friends, after you all have “grown up”, won’t have as much time as before. New duties, responsibilities and generally speaking – life. But even if you’ll meet quite rare, if it’s from the heart, you all will manage to maintain that wonderful friendship. Just need to put a bit of effort from both sides, same as in a romantic relationship.
  • Spend your time with people with whom you have useful, interesting, positive and fun times. People that help your own growth (consciously and unconsciously).
  • When you meet people, be more interested in who they are, not what they have or what they do. Pay attention not only to what they are saying but as well how they are telling their stories, sometimes it may say more about them than their words. (body language, etc.)
  • You shouldn’t feel guilty if someone loves you but you don’t feel the same. You can give earned respect, kindness, affection…but you can’t require your heart to love someone and you shouldn’t even try. It knows better.
  • Don’t sign anything if you haven’t read it properly. Twice. Always get your duplicate.
  • Don’t buy things at unknown, “fishy” online shops. Possibilities are – it’s a fraud.
  • Save some money. Life is unpredictable, there can come times when you will need some extra money, so it’s always good if you have your savings and no need to borrow or stress yourself till bones to figure out how to get it.
  • Learn from your mistakes. First time – can happen, we are human beings, errors happen. The second time, well, you should take it into consideration that you’re doing something in the way that’s not suitable for the thing you’re trying to do. Third time – defenatly, seems like you won’t go far doing that same sh*t all over again. Try out a different way. Now!
  • Don’t “play with fire” unless you know that you will manage to deal and live with “burned parts” if something goes wrong.
  • Nothing comes for free, everything has a price in one way or another. You have the choice and the challenge to figure out what are you willing to pay.
  • Don’t fu*k up your mind and body with million diets and unreasonable fasting. It is not worth it. But if you do it – do it wisely and healthy. Make it as your lifestyle choice, not a short-term campaign.
  • Learn to love yourself even more. Take care of your body, mind, and soul. No one else will do that for you. You will need all three to live thriving and fulfilling life.
  • Do what you like and love. That will give you the power to keep on going even in though and rough times.
  • Traveling on your own and living abroad is one of the best ways how to step out of your comfort zone, get to know different cultures, people, learn some useful lifehacks and new things, expand your horizons, it leads to self-growth, etc.
  • More useful, pleasurable and meaningful are the amazing moments you have throughout the years and the people you spent that time with, not the things you own or crave for.
  • Listen more to your intuition and inner self. It knows better.
  • Stay positive and kind. At least most of the time. There can’t be too much positivity and kindness because there is already enough of negativity, cruelty, sadness, and anger.
  • You have the choice and power. This is your life. Live the best of it by being the best of you. But keep as well in mind that there is something higher, we can’t control our lives to a 100%, so at moments, let it be, accept it, be spontaneous, go with the flow. Enjoy! The worst and the best – it’s all life.
  • And just one more, because I’m already with one foot into 26. Spend your time wisely. Learn new things. Read books. Do regular physical activities. Go to courses, classes. Study. Have your hobbies. Take long walks in nature. Watch interesting and instructive movies. Listen to great podcasts. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Learn languages. So on and on. Sometimes it is OK to watch a dumb comedy, get drunk with friends (right place, right time) or lay in bed, watching TV or listening to music and doing nothing all day long, just don’t make these things as your daily (weekend) routine. You’ll thank yourself later.

What are your life lessons?