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Slow down

Living your dream, living every single day to the fullest, being the best version of yourself, helping others, doing what you’re passionate about, working hard…yes, it is great and you should do that, but…there is always a little “but” somewhere, while doing that, don’t forget to enjoy the moment, to be where you are at this exact moment, to take a deep breath and feel the gratitude for what you already have, that comes in and out with your breath.

It is good to work towards your goals, dreams, and life you want to see, but at the same time, it is necessary to embrace the moment. Feel the love that it gives to you.

“Racing isn’t about how long it takes you to get from the start to the finish, it’s the adventure you have along the way, the people you meet, and the unique moments you share.”

-Simon Wheatcroft

I admire and respect people who strive to achieve their goals and do their utmost to achieve them, however, it is important not to become obsessed with it, and in times not to take it so seriously and be where you are right now.

Sometimes, even though, most of the times I like what I do, I have to slow myself down, because every now and then I caught myself with too many thoughts, like, what I should do, what would be the best for me and others, what can I improve etc, and then I realize, that in this way I am not really living and enjoying my life to it’s fullest. It’s impossible to be truly happy unless you live in present. Now I have learned to notice and recognize the triggers and return myself to the present moment.

Take time to see your surroundings, enjoy the time with people who care about you and you care about them. Accept and spread love, because in the end of the story, the most valuable “things” in your life will be the moments, which you spent with your loved ones, those moments that taught you a lot, those passionate moments in which your heart began to beat faster…the moments in which you enjoyed the little things of life and enjoyed that particular moment. Not how much money you earned, how many books you wrote, how many countries you visited, what kind of house you bought and newest gadgets and so on. It’s not about things or numbers, it is about the journey of life and the feelings along the way.

“The moment we stop fighting it, the moment we embrace what we feel for one another, will be the moment we finally start living.”

– Romeo B. Cameron


How to stay present?

[Text: By author]


Next step in our journey to happier life is to learn to be in here and now. This one is major for achieving your inner peace, harmony, and happiness. Yes, it is quite vital. Everyone is saying – enjoy this moment, live like this is your last day etc., but I won’t throw sparkling poetry around and I will be honest with you. To achieve this state, it is annoying at times and for most of us, it takes hard work. No doubts. Don’t let these words bring you down, it is possible and you will actually have a lot of fun and pleasure „watching yourself” while you will make your progress. When I look back at myself and think what kind of response I had in different kind of situations – so much aggression, anger, revenge, impatience. It makes me happy because, in time,  I taught myself to change my attitude. I was a total disaster and a mess. (Every now and then I still am, that’s why self – development is so important. It should be never-ending. There is always more to learn about yourself) Now when I look back, I look at it like a hilarious comedy show. Although, at that time I didn’t find it too funny. I am glad that I made some progress and I am looking forward to achieving more and more. No boundaries.

And one of the things which I am improving is being at the present moment. I wish for all of you to develop it.

Here are some tips which can help you to achieve here and now feeling:

  • Breathing exercises – This one truly works. One example: “Stop whatever you are doing, if possible, find some quiet place and focus on your breath. Slow, deep breaths. Inhale while counting till four and exhale again counting till four, through your nostrils. Relax the muscles in your face, jaw, and tongue. Keep relaxed shoulders and stomach. Do it for 1-2 minutes. Go back to your normal breathing. Release your mind, but don’t try too hard. You don’t need to force yourself to clear your mind, you just need to observe things that are around you. Length of your breath, smell, noises etc. Do it for 3 – 5 minutes.”
  • Yoga and meditation – conscious breathing, mental liberation, body loosening. While doing yoga and meditation you are focusing on your breath and movements as well as your senses.
  • Stay aware and focus on things you are doing – people can’t do several tasks at the same time. Well, we can, but it happens automatic and we are not paying full attention to none of them. Be aware of what you are doing. Now you are reading this post, then don’t think how it will end or what you will do after. Just read and focus on things you are reading. That’s it. Do one thing at the time and pay your full attention to it.
  • Be aware of your senses – feel. Smell, sound, taste, touch, sight, hearing. Pay attention to all of your senses. For example, when you are eating – slow down, look at your meal, feel the smell, texture of it, the sound what food makes when you are chewing it. Appreciate and enjoy your meal.
  • Do what you love – not much to explain here. It will make you happy. Spend more of your time by doing things you like to do. Find time for that. Set your priorities. Find the ways how you can do more of things you love in your daily routine. It takes away time. You don’t feel it anymore and you are focused on things you are doing.
  • Accept yourself – When you approve yourself, you can enjoy this moment, because you are satisfied with whom you are here and now.
  • While you have a conversation with someone, be present – this is a bit repetitive with the second tip I gave you, but I think it is so important because nowadays we are spending a lot of time (and I mean A LOT) virtually connecting to people. A lot of us when we are having a conversation with someone, we are not there. Yes, physically it might seem so, but our mind is having tons of different thoughts, even if we are listening, we are not really hearing what the other person is saying to us. Don’t think about your response, things that you have to do later or what you did before. Just listen to this person that you are talking to, if you are there and you gave your time to this person, then be there. All of you. All your attention. Listen and hear. There are not too many people who are really listening.
  • Be close to nature – I am more of a city girl. Although, when I was a kid, quite often I stayed close to nature, so every now and then I have this urge to disappear for a shorter or longer period of time and recharge myself in some peaceful place. Long walks through pine tree forest or along the seashore usually help.
  • Be in a peaceful environment – for me other works warm and cozy room with fireplace and/or candles and peaceful music as a background (no I am not a romantic person, but these things help me to slow down the hurricane in my head) or funny movie. Another one is water. Swimming pool, bath, clear and natural water. Other swimming or playing around, or just watching. I really enjoy those moments and in my mind, I am able to be there and nowhere else.
  • Be determined – it takes time. This is not one of those things which you can change overnight. Have some reminders. Remember your goal. Visualize how you would be when you would achieve this. If that doesn’t work. Hey, just push yourself. Harder. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do if you want to see results.

I love to achieve the feeling of being here and now.  I feel peaceful, happy and thankful. There is no time, it is all mine and it feels like it will last forever. Those moments are the moments which gives me the strength, even if I’m in a situation where I don’t want to be. I start to appreciate more what I have. It gives me the power to do things and to change something with what I have and that is deeply satisfying.

What do you do to stay present?