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Traveling as a vacation vs. traveling as lifestyle

There is a slight difference between these two. Vacation is a good getaway when you had just a bit too much, you want to take some time off, go somewhere, lay down under a palm tree and take a nice sip of your favorite tropical cocktail. Or if you are bit more adventures, you want to get some adrenaline pumping up your veins and you go hiking up on mountains, snowboarding, skiing, cliff diving, diving etc.

It’s great, you feel energized again, more motivated to go back where you came from and do your things with new vigor. Oh, I like to do this myself, every now and then, however, I prefer that traveling is more of a lifestyle, it doesn’t mean necessarily that I will travel every week or month to a different country.

I would describe it more as a certain mindset, where you can’t stay still in one place, you have cravings for unknown, adventures, new sights, new cultures, experiences, self-growth, to see and to get to know as much as you can, interact with others, listen curiously with open mind and share your story and vision of life.

A good way how to get to this state of mind is to travel to several places, but in order to experience above mentioned, it is necessary to stay at one place for a longer period of time. After a while, the whole wide world seems like home to you no matter where you are and go.

Traveling is about putting yourself in the shoes of locals. Eat their food, go to places where locals live not only top touristic spots, get to know their traditions. It’s uncertain, goes with the flow. Definitely, there will be also rocky roads along the way. It’s not like on a vacation, where you can stop your thunderous mind, relax and chill.

You end up to challenge your own self. You get out of your comfort zone more often, you push yourself harder, you experience a lot more and your vision expands. You learn to deal with complications and rise the ability to get out from suspicious, messy situations and see the good side in each one of them.

When you go back to your home country, other for short time or you settle down, these life skills will be useful on a daily basis.

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Do you prefer traveling as a vacation or a lifestyle?


How to live a happier life?

Do you want to know the secret of happy, peaceful, interesting, beautiful and extremely exciting life? OK, I will write it down for you. Now you have to promise that you will read this very carefully – You already know the answer. Deep inside, if you would listen to your inner self, you would hear the little voice that is telling you, “It’s all about you. You are the secret”.

It is about your mind, the way you think. People, who are successful and happy about themselves and everything around them, know that it is not about the result, it is about their attitude. Other people, circumstances, reliance on luck or coincidences won’t affect you anymore if you will have “how to live happier life” mindset.

“Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may also reflect judgments by a person about their overall well-being.” 

You can choose what kind of emotions you will feel and display. Most of us think that without affection we can’t feel happy. Yes, it’s true, but not a lot of people decide to create by themselves positive emotions to achieve happiness.

If you feel any kind of negative emotions, do this quick experiment. Go and stand in front of a mirror. Have a close look at your reflection. Notice how you feel.  Now change your expression to big, happy smile. Just smile and look at yourself in a mirror. Stay like that for a minute. How do you feel now?

I am sure that you felt better and happier. When I did this experiment for the first time, it helped me to believe that it is me, who can make a difference. This is a simple proof that we can change our inner emotional state and achieve happiness.

YOU are the only person who is 100% responsible for your life. It is about making a decision and stick to it no matter what. Taking full responsibility.

This is the little gold key, which unlocks the door to success. You need to take action and be responsible for life and circumstances. It means that you need to dominate the situation. You have to accept how things are and commit yourself to make them in the way you want them to be.

As harsh it may seem, you have to stop complaining and whining. No more excuses. Put your sh*t together, take action and make it right!

It is not an easy thing to do, believe me. It takes a lot of courage, toughness, self-confidence, mental strength and lot more. But it is worth it! Don’t worry if at this moment while you are reading this, you think that you can’t do this. Yes, you can. That you don’t have that kind of power. Oh, yes you do!

It takes time and patience, but it is possible.

This is my introduction. In following posts you will be able to read my advice how to change the mindset, afterward being able to live a happier life.

I organized the list below in the following order just for sake of it. Each step is equally important. However, I would start with first 3 steps in exact order. Otherwise, you can get confused or feel stuck at some point.

Steps to change your mindset:

  • Get rid of fear, learn that failure can help you

  • Positive thinking

  • Accept yourself, stop comparing yourself to others

  • Be present

  • Follow your passion

  • Be committed

  • Gratitude

  • Help others

  • Be around positive and inspiring people

  • Eat healthily

  • Exercise daily

  • Never stop your self-growth

I hope, after reading this, you have this feeling like you would be sitting on an invisible needle, which is annoyingly pinching into your buttocks. So you don’t have any other options than stand up and look for a better place to sit. Otherwise, it will be always there pinching your butt.

What is your key to happiness?