136 km hike along the coastline

That was a useful and magnificent experience! I would describe it as well as self-torturous adventure with a pinch of pleasant and fun moments. When you feel like crap and you want to fall on your knees and start to cry what would you do? Stop? Cry? Surrender? No, you swallow your sh*t, put your mind on the right wave and you keep on going…at least if you want to get from that point A to point Z. That’s what I did.

136 km in 55h, those were the rules. As usual, I broke some rules a bit, so I didn’t fit in those 55h but I made it in 58 h. But, heck, I made it till the end even with half-destroyed feet, painful knee and swollen ankle and stomachache, and no purpose whatsoever except to go till the end. As well quite late starts after a sleepover under pine trees and long breaks. In beginning, I wanted to just chill and enjoy the ability to feed the creature that lives in me, who is always craving for walking journeys, but it got harsher than I thought because of the trauma but power wise I was doing OK. Good to know.

And here it began…

dav[Photo: Latvia/Kolka. Taken by author]

Definitely, it was useful experience from the perspective of self-growth. In this kind of a challenge, you can see yourself from a different angle. I don’t mind it, I wasn’t too surprised about how I dealt with certain situations but still, I got to know me more and the person that I went together on this adventure.

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Ok. 100 km is done. Last 36 km to go…and man, I can tell you, it was like going through hell! At least my feet felt like I was walking through hot coals hahaha. Hiking shoes you disappointed me. Oh, well. Next year I will try some other shoes, all though, I always have problems no matter what shoes I choose. So I’m looking for a miracle. Do you have one? Or at least a recommendation?

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Walking never ends…day or night…sunshine or moonlight. Breathe in deep the fresh air. Know your surroundings. Enjoy what you can.

dav[Photo: Latvia/Kolka. Taken by author]

First time as well for sleeping under the clear sky without a tent. Just some invention to not get killed or at least annoyed till death because of all those million mosquitoes who tried to get to every single inch of my body. I love animals and all living beings but these little insects…oh, may! They are evil bloodsuckers!

001[Photo: Latvia]

Let’s not forget about the backpack, at some point I felt like it would have been anchored and I still needed to drag it with me hahaha

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Normally I don’t drink coke too often but at this point, I seriously needed some sugar intake.

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Some nice spots along the way…this is in Latvia. From the point where is the open sea (Baltic sea) at the place called Kolka. Along the gulf coastline till the place called Dubulti.



dav[Photos: Latvia. Taken by author]

Mmmm…that cold, refreshing feeling. After this kind of experience, people learn to appreciate even more the small things in life. Shower, nourishing food, clean clothes, etc. Thumbs up for all this! It was rough but worth it. I would recommend you to go for a long hike if you haven’t done that already. Alone or with someone. You can see yourself and partner from a different viewpoint and you can learn a lot from this experience. Would I do it again? I would say more yes than no, but I would change some things here and there to get a disparate experience.

This blog post may sound quite whiny and negative but I can mention that during this hike I had around 80% positive emotions and attitude. I had a good dose of laughter, I smiled a lot, spent some time with great people, had calmness within me etc. So it was all well most of the times.

dav[Photo: Latvia. Taken by author]

Some tips and tricks

You should take:

! don’t take too much stuff

  • hiking shoes are ok, but the ground surface in this area is quite soft most of the times, so good, breathable running shoes would do.
  • adequate clothing for weather conditions
  • extra socks
  • mat and sleeping bag. Good sleep and rest for your body will be useful.
  • a hat that covers as much as possible and protects from sun
  • sunglasses
  • flashlight
  • anti-insect spray
  • take some medicine if you know that you could have some issues. Plasters, etc. And cross your fingers that you won’t have to use them and everything will go smooth like silk thread.
  • snacks
  • water


  • If you aren’t an active person on a daily basis, do some cardio training already sometime before you go

Some more tips:

Try this kind of experience!

What about your hiking experiences? What did you gain from it?