Slow down

Living your dream, living every single day to the fullest, being the best version of yourself, helping others, doing what you're passionate about, working hard...yes, it is great and you should do that, but...there is always a little “but” somewhere, while doing that, don't forget to enjoy the moment, to be where you are at … Continue reading Slow down

Benefits of yoga practice

Thought about yoga was sitting in corner of my mind for several years before I really went and tried it. Before that, I had this thought that it will be too slow for me, all thought, during my lifetime, I have been involved in many different physical activities, but this one just didn't seem that … Continue reading Benefits of yoga practice

La vie a Paris

First of all, I would like to make it clear that this will be my personal opinion about Parisians and Paris. This is not a scientific research article, I am not writing this based on professional, recognized research for intellectual written media. This article is a small overview of my own thoughts in certain areas. … Continue reading La vie a Paris

How to eat healthier? (product alternatives)

[Photo: Taken by author]   There are many ways, how we can interpret phrase "healthier lifestyle", for me it is not only about healthy eating and being fit, I would include a lot of aspects of this term - eating balanced, healthy foods in right amounts for each single individual, exercise daily by doing physical … Continue reading How to eat healthier? (product alternatives)

Introduction (Go Vegan?)

[Photo: Taken by author]   There are a lot of sources about veganism, going vegan, nutrition, best places to dine out, tons of recipes, meal preps etc. In my attention is to take summary from all and write it down in an easy, simple way to show you, dear reader, what veganism is and what … Continue reading Introduction (Go Vegan?)

How to stay committed​?

If you want to see your dreams becoming a reality, you have to work for it and you have to redirect yourself to your goal. There will be ups and downs, different circumstances, difficulties. As well, exact opposite - good and fun ideas, struggle to go and have fun with friends/family, overcome temptations or just simple human … Continue reading How to stay committed​?