Traveling as a vacation vs. traveling as lifestyle

There is a slight difference between these two. Vacation is a good getaway when you had just a bit too much, you want to take some time off, go somewhere, lay down under a palm tree and take a nice sip of your favorite tropical cocktail. Or if you are bit more adventures, you want to get some adrenaline pumping up your veins and you go hiking up on mountains, snowboarding, skiing, cliff diving, diving etc.

It’s great, you feel energized again, more motivated to go back where you came from and do your things with new vigor. Oh, I like to do this myself, every now and then, however, I prefer that traveling is more of a lifestyle, it doesn’t mean necessarily that I will travel every week or month to a different country.

I would describe it more as a certain mindset, where you can’t stay still in one place, you have cravings for unknown, adventures, new sights, new cultures, experiences, self-growth, to see and to get to know as much as you can, interact with others, listen curiously with open mind and share your story and vision of life.

A good way how to get to this state of mind is to travel to several places, but in order to experience above mentioned, it is necessary to stay at one place for a longer period of time. After a while, the whole wide world seems like home to you no matter where you are and go.

Traveling is about putting yourself in the shoes of locals. Eat their food, go to places where locals live not only top touristic spots, get to know their traditions. It’s uncertain, goes with the flow. Definitely, there will be also rocky roads along the way. It’s not like on a vacation, where you can stop your thunderous mind, relax and chill.

You end up to challenge your own self. You get out of your comfort zone more often, you push yourself harder, you experience a lot more and your vision expands. You learn to deal with complications and rise the ability to get out from suspicious, messy situations and see the good side in each one of them.

When you go back to your home country, other for short time or you settle down, these life skills will be useful on a daily basis.

Some useful websites and apps for travelers





Google translate




Do you prefer traveling as a vacation or a lifestyle?


Routine is killing the creative self

Don’t let yourself, anyone else or anything to destroy your creativity. Your inner creative child has been with you since your birth and still is, maybe she’s a bit lost at moments, but she never leaves you. You just need to let express herself.

There are moments in life when routine takes over. Everything is ticking like clock. Second by second, minute by minute and it goes like that in the same direction over and over again…after a while, you realize that hours, days, weeks, months or even years have passed and then the thought wanders around your mind – where did the time fly?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

-Steve Jobs

It didn’t fly anywhere. Time has passed and it will continue to go, as usual, it is you. You chose to spend your time in ways that you didn’t even notice and distinguish the miraculous existence of each day. You chose to switch on your own autopilot mode. In some moments it can be a huge relief but if you are living like that every single day, it is not a life, it is your own created disguised hell with beautiful props. There is no purpose to live like that. Every single day, when it’s over, makes your life a bit shorter. Would you like to live forever? I wouldn’t because the beauty of life is the point that we know – we are not immortal. Every day has been given to you, that you can make the best out of it. It is up to you, it’s your decision. If you would live forever, what would be the point after waking up even get out of the bed? But would you really like to spend eternity through vegetation? It would be constant boredom and silent, never-ending suffering. Even if it’s not endlessness, why would you want to spend your life like that…

Real life. Yes, understandable, you have your responsibilities, duties, attachments and so on, so you put aside, for some time, the things you love for those you have to do. Nothing wrong with that, it’s life, but remember that it will always be like that, there won’t be an any better time to start doing the things your heart beats faster for because there will always be circumstances that won’t match with your dreams or expectations for your own life. There is only one way. Get a grip, do what you have to do also including things you love with your best intention. You have to express yourself, let that inner child take over, not entirely but give her some discretion.

Otherwise, your time will pass by like a barely noticeable summer breeze and routine will kill your creative self.

A little short film about this subject as well for you, guys 🙂

P.S. I’m not against education system, at least not in general, in this film my focus is more on the will to be unique, stick with own beliefs and do not take on the pressure of society.


Slow down

Living your dream, living every single day to the fullest, being the best version of yourself, helping others, doing what you’re passionate about, working hard…yes, it is great and you should do that, but…there is always a little “but” somewhere, while doing that, don’t forget to enjoy the moment, to be where you are at this exact moment, to take a deep breath and feel the gratitude for what you already have, that comes in and out with your breath.

It is good to work towards your goals, dreams, and life you want to see, but at the same time, it is necessary to embrace the moment. Feel the love that it gives to you.

“Racing isn’t about how long it takes you to get from the start to the finish, it’s the adventure you have along the way, the people you meet, and the unique moments you share.”

-Simon Wheatcroft

I admire and respect people who strive to achieve their goals and do their utmost to achieve them, however, it is important not to become obsessed with it, and in times not to take it so seriously and be where you are right now.

Sometimes, even though, most of the times I like what I do, I have to slow myself down, because every now and then I caught myself with too many thoughts, like, what I should do, what would be the best for me and others, what can I improve etc, and then I realize, that in this way I am not really living and enjoying my life to it’s fullest. It’s impossible to be truly happy unless you live in present. Now I have learned to notice and recognize the triggers and return myself to the present moment.

Take time to see your surroundings, enjoy the time with people who care about you and you care about them. Accept and spread love, because in the end of the story, the most valuable “things” in your life will be the moments, which you spent with your loved ones, those moments that taught you a lot, those passionate moments in which your heart began to beat faster…the moments in which you enjoyed the little things of life and enjoyed that particular moment. Not how much money you earned, how many books you wrote, how many countries you visited, what kind of house you bought and newest gadgets and so on. It’s not about things or numbers, it is about the journey of life and the feelings along the way.

“The moment we stop fighting it, the moment we embrace what we feel for one another, will be the moment we finally start living.”

– Romeo B. Cameron


Benefits of yoga practice

Thought about yoga was sitting in corner of my mind for several years before I really went and tried it. Before that, I had this thought that it will be too slow for me, all thought, during my lifetime, I have been involved in many different physical activities, but this one just didn’t seem that would go along with my fast nature. Oh, I was wrong! It was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful and happy that I decided to give it a try. I started to practice yoga because I needed to calm myself down, not because, straight away, I wanted to hit my goals doing Taraksvasana or Pungu Mayurasana or something like that. Ha-ha. My nerves were thin like a silk thread and I was like a time bomb, which at any moment could explode. In Paris, near my home, I had noticed yoga studio from the time they reopened there studio in that area. One day I tried it out and I found what I was looking for – great teacher, cozy studio, thoughtful yoga practice, and rather a high emphasis on the mental side, than just physical postures – asanas. Slowly I started to become more calm, more aware of my surroundings and “here and now” moments, I started to appreciate more what I have. My stress levels are lover now. I can deal with life situations easier, more thoughtful, without panic etc. Of course, there are also physical benefits, in general, I feel more energetic, my flexibility and strength improved. I can breath more deeply and I am more aware of my breath on a daily basis, I find this very useful and I am a big fan of different kind of breathing techniques. My constant neck pain, which bothered me for 1,5 to 2 years, is gone. Of course, it is not only because of yoga, I have worked on myself in many aspects, but, for sure, yoga helps a lot in all this.

Now, for some time, I am practicing at home without a teacher, but I’m in search of new one, I have a place in my mind already, so I will see if I will find there what I’m looking for after my foot will be healed properly.

There are many physical and mental benefits of yoga:


  • increased flexibility

  • increased muscle tone and strength

  • increased energy level

  • stronger immune system

  • better posture

  • a better sense of balance

  • better sleep

  • lower weight

  • lower risk of injury

  • better life quality during menopause

  • lower migraine symptoms

  • lower PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) symptoms

  • reduced risk for various conditions – cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic neck and low-back pain, asthma, etc.

  • awareness about diet – what, how much, when

  • etc.


  • reduced depression and anxiety

  • stress relief

  • increased attention and concentration

  • calmness

  • awareness of breathing and your own body

  • etc.

Here you can check out more information about yoga and how it affects your body, mind, and spirit.


La vie a Paris

First of all, I would like to make it clear that this will be my personal opinion about Parisians and Paris. This is not a scientific research article, I am not writing this based on professional, recognized research for intellectual written media. This article is a small overview of my own thoughts in certain areas. I lived bit different lifestyle than average French, based on that, the circle of people, with whom I spent my time with, also gave a big impact of how I saw things and what’s familiar to me. I lived periodically in Paris from September 2013 until the end of 2016. Most of the times I enjoyed my time there. I wouldn’t say that this city is breathtaking but for sure it has its own charm and for sure I had some wonderful, pleasant and fun times. J’adore Paris!

People go to Paris in search of romanticism, architecture and this kind of an indescribable, magnificent feeling that this city can give to each one of us.

French are nationalists. A large population with their own feet on the ground and values for life, country, and the universe.

French is a beautiful language, not easy, though, so if you are good in languages and not lazy (like I am, if it is about learning a new language), then I would defiantly recommend you to learn French if you are planning to stay in France for some time. Even in a city like Paris, which is capital, biggest from all and has over 2 million people, it is difficult to communicate with locals if you don’t speak French. OK, if you will be like an average tourist and go only to main spots, for sure you will manage, but if you’re planning to live there for a long period of time and you want to experience how the locals live…French is a must. I got away without knowing French because I always do. In daily basis I could use English and when I needed French, someone helped me, I used translator, signs or whatever else came into my mind in those moments, but I can tell you, that I missed a lot of great things, which I could have had experienced in Paris during these years, if I would have had pushed myself harder to learn that @$%^&**$ language.

Oh, Parisians! Can’t forget about French people in Paris. Well…I like them. In their own sick way, they are binding. In moments friendly and talkative, interesting and original, in moments moody, angry and arrogant. Other times spaced out and in some, I really couldn’t understand a thing about them.

Women, oh, they are amazing! Independent, they love to work, passionate, self-confident and a bit crazy and sometimes can be a bit too much.

Men, well, a bit difficult to say. All sort of kinds. For me, most of them, they seemed to be a bit too feminine in their behavior. That comes with their culture, nothing wrong or bad in that, it is just my personal opinion and “thing”, that for some recent years I have „allergy” for that kind of men ha-ha. Don’t need to be a rude macho, but I always say that moderation is important in every aspect of life, also as an image of every human being. Also a lot of homosexuals, from truly lovely and funny human beings with a large heart to „drama queens”.

Children, I can’t really describe them, I haven’t been in touch with any more than 5 min, but as I saw from far, parents try to take the best care of them and try to teach how life works and hopefully they will appreciate it and try the best for themselves.

Elderly has their own style and most of them still enjoy their life fully, has their dreams and hopes. Are outgoing and interesting. Living the fullest and not counting years in their passport.

I like to watch how people behave, analyze them and communicate with them, without people, for me appealing is architecture, interior and design. It is kind of funny how French is. I would call them chaotic, ordinary life artists where the best approach of anything is to do everything upside down, in the same time, they are very neat, minimalistic minded and a bit of “Nazi” perfectionists.

In Paris very well together goes old with new. They have this special taste and skill, that they can turn into something original, modern and beautiful even the most boring, ugly and unnoticeable things. Extraordinary.

Some places can seem messy and alternative but it goes along with full outlook.

I don’t have one favorite place in Paris, I like several parks in Paris (yeah, I love nature, so Paris, thankfully has quite a lot green areas) and most of the small streets with good-looking buildings and all the cute and cozy cafes, like a nice old-fashioned postcard picture. As well, some alternative bars and cafes, some design shops and some random places, that if someone would ask directions, I wouldn’t be able to describe, just go with them and lead to the right way.

Of course, there are also downsides of Paris, well, let’s leave out the fact about political, economic and religious aspects. One of the downsides I will mention here – rubbish. Paris can be full of waste and nasty smell, especially during spring and summer. All thought, there is quite developed and regular waste collection system, it doesn’t help too much.

As well, there are a lot of homeless people even in the central and main areas, they don’t give trouble or bother people too much, they are actually quite kind and polite, it is just sad to see so many of them sleeping on old mattresses with their children in middle of the street, it sets off some kind of trigger in brain.

Sometimes can be a bit annoying that French don’t know English or even, just because of their principles, refuse to use it. On the other hand, I like the fact that they love and respect their language, culture an nation so much. So this one is 50/50.

I like Parisian lifestyle, well, at least some parts of it. I felt good while I was there, because it is multicultural, which makes it more appealing, different and interesting. It is a large city, so a lot of happenings and new things. It is known for its style and fashion, so I highly recommend to go there for a shopping spree, because it really has the best level. Women spread femininity also without high heels and minidresses. Simple, elegant, minimalistic and a bit bohemian style. Not at all or little makeup, sometimes red or colorful lipstick or mascara. People tend to be passionate about things in life, they are outgoing, talkative and friendly, but more within their own circle, less with unknown people.

I like active lifestyle and finally, I found a place where I really could say that it is a lifestyle. Parisians are not so much for hitting their goals 2 times per day in a gym on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights, they tend to move their body in more natural ways, doing activities which they can combine with things they need to do. For example, they like to walk everywhere (this is my number one! I love walking so much and finally, I was able to live in a place where people don’t think that I’m weird or I did something absolutely amazing if I tell them that I walked more than 5km a day ha-ha), they take stairs, a lot of buildings don’t have an elevator. Let’s not forget about metro, I know a lot of foreigners which takes only taxi or Uber, because of metro stairs and it’s own “net” is killing them ha-ha.

Paris is a dog-friendly city. Owners can take their four-legged friends in some small grocery shops, in big clothing shops, cafes, some restaurants etc. Their owners need to take them for a walk quite often, which they, most of the times, like to do. This means that there is a lot of dogs and I mean A LOT (yes, also a lot of merd on streets, already some time ago, the state passed new, stricter laws and fines due to non-picking up dog feces. All though, it still doesn’t work as good it should, there are still a lot of people, who think that because they are paying regularly high taxes, the state should pick up sh*t after they’re lovely, furry friends. Plus, police officers need to catch them on the act and so on. This is one of the major problems in Paris.

They have also children and they like to spend some time with them, so they go take a walk all together, play catch, play with a ball in the park or do whatever else.

Some go to yoga or pilates and, of course, there are some which go to the gym but generally that is not such a massive trend like it is in the USA, for example.

A lot of people also eats quite healthy, there is a lot of biological shops in Paris, where it is possible to buy not only for environment-friendly products but also some, which you wouldn’t be able to find in basic supermarkets.

Parisian women are known as skinny and as well, it is well known, that in French culture there is a lot of baguettes (a type of bread), all the pâtisseries and a lot of cheese and wine and a lot of dishes with à la crème. I have checked out by myself several cookbooks with national French dishes and most of them, I wouldn’t say, that has the healthiest and low-calorie ingredients, and still, women tend to stay skinny. I noticed that it really works out for them to be active on a daily basis like I mentioned before. They eat almost everything, but the key is that they don’t overeat. They take small amounts of everything that they crave for, so their taste buds are satisfied, but they don’t overdo it.

French likes culture. Opera, theatre, concerts, events, sports games etc, I like this as well, but this is where comes the language barrier. I didn’t experience much of this because, without the language knowledge, it is not the same. I went to some museums, some small, alternative performances, but that was very little from all what Paris can offer. I have heard good reviews and if I would be you, who knows French, I would give it a try.

I also like that Parisians like to gather together and make home parties or just chill in a park, having a picnic. I had my times when I liked to go to clubs and party all night till the sunrise in weekends, but now I prefer to go somewhere, see something if I feel in a party mode I still prefer to go to a home party where is close friends or at least interesting, funny people.

I always like to go back to Paris, it has some kind of atmosphere which attracts me, in the last couple of years I could even call it my home. I am not able to say that I would like to spend the rest of my life in Paris, but, for sure, I will go back one day.

It would be nice to hear from You, what kind of experience you had in Paris or other French cities. Would You like to visit it? What kind of impact would You like to have from Your visit?




The right perception for the right way of living life is your own. Almost everything can be acceptable and adaptable unless you violate the borders by damaging, distorting or destroying other living beings life.

You can choose to help others in that way you will help yourself as well. In life works quid pro quo. It is intentional or unintentional action driven principle. Works well for you (your inner self), if it is without planned action (without intent to gain), by the best intentions.

You can look from down to up and see all your possibilities or from up to down.

Your choice.


How to eat healthier? (product alternatives)

There are many ways, how we can interpret the phrase “healthier lifestyle”, for me it is not only about healthy eating and being fit, I would include a lot of aspects of this term – eating balanced, healthy foods in right amounts for each single individual, exercise daily by doing physical activities that YOU enjoy, having balanced working hours vs. free time, having pleasant social life – having time for people who inspires you, understands you, supports you, are positive etc., and vice versa. Time for your loved one and family. Time for your hobbies and things you love to do. Time for self-development and simply time for yourself.

The starting point to switch to a healthier lifestyle starts in your mind. I could tell you to eat that and this in that amounts, by having that nutritional values, do certain exercises, but I am not going to do so. First of all, I am not nutritionist (I have done a lot of research, talked to people, tried several things, etc., in the last 6 years, but I don’t have a degree in science of nutrition), second of which, each single individual has their own body, structure of it and way it works, their own personal needs. I can and will give you some guidelines which work for me, in that way you will have some idea how and where to start and in the process, you will be able to figure out your own personal “right” way how to do the best for your body and mind.

Start with your mind. You have to have the right mindset for this. It is not one of the fast diets, it is a lifestyle. Write down the reasons why you want to do this. It should be about you – your health, wanting to feel the best you can, to have a lot of energy, to look good because it makes you even happier. Like this, you will live life with your best capability, in this way you will be able to fulfill the reason why you are in this world and help others. Healthy mind, body, and spirit. Write down the eating habits that you have now and those which you would want to have. Write a plan for how you can achieve your goal. Set also a deadline for smaller goals, every week write a check-up list. Start with baby steps. Probably it won’t be as fast as you would wish, but like I mentioned before, it is a lifestyle and if you want to make it sustainable, better is to make it slower but right.

Healthy eating is the right choice of a balanced variety of foods in right amounts. To have healthy, well-functioned body, you need to take in all necessary nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat, water, vitamins, minerals). Food is creating energy (right products provide the right energy exchange), which you are able to use by doing things you love and need to do.

In this article, I will write some tips on how to change some products for better, healthier alternatives. Before you dig into this, I will let you know, that I am for plant-based diet, so all healthy or healthier alternatives I will mention, will be vegan, I hope you will find this useful even if you are not vegan, there are a lot of goodies out there nowadays which are worth to try.

Healthy and healthier vegan alternatives:

Processed food – whole foods (vegetables, fruits, greens, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds)

Wheat and white flour products – buckwheat, brown/wild rice, oats, quinoa, whole wheat flour/ pasta/ bread

Soda/sugary drinks – water

Coffee – green tea

Processed juice – freshly squeezed juice; smoothies; fruit/berry/veggie water

Snacks – nuts

Salty snacks – vegetables (baby carrots, cucumber, radish, and any others you like); self-made* popcorn with added spices (possibly without salt), spicy Turkish peas, veggie chips, wholewheat snacks, etc.

Candies, cookies – fruit, dried fruit (grapes and dried fruits like pitted dates, fugues, raisins are very sweet); self-made* popcorn with added maple syrup; self – made sweets (vegan chocolate truffles – take pitted dates, nuts, seeds, cocoa powder, chocolate, water, blend it in high power food processor, make balls, roll them in cocoa or coconut shreds, put in freezer for 10-20 min and voila! Bon appétit!)

Deserts – self-made* desserts (one of easiest – avocado/banana/a bit of plant-based milk/ grounded flaxseeds/chia seeds/ a bit of lemon juice/ cacao/ maple or agave syrup – blend it all together and put some berries, nuts or shredded coconut flakes on top)

Cakes – self-made* cakes

Potato chips – vegetable chips (my favorite are beetroot-carrot or kale chips, they are healthier than potato chips, but still they are processed, high in oil and salt, this should be a treat every now and than, not an everyday choice. The best would be if you would make them yourself, I just don’t have the patience for it.

Potatoes – grains (brown/wild rice, quinoa, buckwheat)

Mashed potatoes – mashed cauliflower

French fries – baked sweet potato sticks

Ketchup – self-made* tomato paste/ ketchup

Oil  –  water, vegetable broth (for coking – plant-based milk, applesauce, water)

*All self-made can be optional, if you don’t like cooking, there are vegan restaurants, grocery shops, and bakeries where you can buy healthy meals, snacks, desserts, cakes, etc. Make sure to check ingredients and ask how it was made if you care a lot about what you are putting into your body.

Vegan alternatives:


Any kind of meat – tempeh, seitan, tofu (good sources of protein and other nutrition, if you don’t miss the taste of meat, are legumes, beans, peas, lentils); vegan alternatives like vegetarian burgers, sausages, “chicken” nuggets, bacon, ground beef, etc. (texture and even taste is very close to meat, sometimes non-vegans can’t even notice the difference)

Fish and seafood

Fish/seafood – to get your omega – 3, DHA and fatty acids, you can use: walnuts, hemp, chia and flax seeds. Omega – 3 is also in rapeseed oil and some products where it is added as an extra (check the label for it)


High fat/or any dairy milk  – plant-based milk. You can use soy, oat, rice, hemp, nut, coconut milk

Sour cream – soy natural yogurt

Yogurt – coconut, soy yogurt

Butter – avocado, tahini, coconut butter, almond butter; dairy free – nonhydrogenated margarine

Cream – coconut, soy, rice, oat cream

Cheese – cashew cheese; vegan cheese alternatives; nutritional yeast, tofu (for example, to get ricotta, you can take firm tofu, drain and crumble it)

Ice cream – blend frozen banana/fruits/berries + cacao/ vanilla + maple/agave syrup; vegan ice cream alternatives


Eggs – there are a lot of ways how to replace eggs (nutrition and healthy alternatives, the source of protein without high cholesterol level, are tofu, beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, etc.)

For example, scrambled eggs you can make from tofu.

For cooking, you can replace eggs with mashed banana, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, soy protein, applesauce, peanut butter.

Check out picture down below 🙂

egg replacements


Mayonnaise made out of eggs – vegan mayonnaise or healthier alternatives like mashed avocado



Sugar/ honey – agave syrup, maple syrup (if you are baking, you can use also banana, dried fruits like pitted dates)


I hope that some of this information was useful for you and now, dear reader, make your first step. I wish you all the best!

What are your healthier product alternatives?





How to practice gratitude?

I’m sitting here at my desk, legs crossed in half lotus pose and I am feeling so happy and grateful for the possibility to live another day. Sun is shining, spring has finally arrived, I had breakfast (today I tried out „Kama” – Estonian/Finnish food made from barley, rye, oat and pea flour, with vegan blueberry yogurt, added some fruits and seeds, not too bad I have to say) with my lovely mom and we had one of our never-ending conversations about flow of life and its meaning, and the path we both are going in this life. Since I can remember myself, I always have had these kinds of conversations with my mom, maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much.

Today’s article will be about gratitude. To feel happy and live the fullest, it is necessary to appreciate and feel grateful for people, things and everything you already have. It is not that you don’t need to have any ambitions and goals or you don’t need to try your best to get where you want to be, actually you should. The sense of gratitude will give you even more strength, power and joy to stay committed, to continue things you are doing and never give up. Because you know why you are doing all of that, you are able to appreciate it and feel true pleasure and happiness from things you have and have done so far, at this same moment. Gratitude is not in the future or in the past, it is right here and now.

Mastering this skill – practice gratitude can be a life changer. I will write down some tips for you, I would recommend you to try them out, not only for a day or two but commit yourself to it for a month (habit forms around 21 days, then behavior becomes automatic, but I would still recommend you to stick with any new action for a month)

Pleasant ways to practice gratitude:

  • Saying what are you grateful for -try to do this first thing straight after waking up (you don’t have to say it out loud if you don’t wish so, you can simply say “thank you” in your own mind). I practice this every day already for some time, my life has become a lot more wonderful since I came across this practice.
  • Write gratitude journal – written form is stronger than the oral or your own thoughts. Another positive thing on this one is, that on bad days, you can read over your notes and it will be a huge positive energy boost. I love this one. I am looking for new, interesting notebook to create gratitude journal, so far I have written my “thank you”  and other notes as well, in every possible place. In several notebooks, computer, phone, on edges of book pages and even on napkins every now and then. Oh, well, I just like to write and in some aspects of life I am not as organized as I would wish to be, but the main point is that in my own chaos I always can find what I need. Several times I have tried to make a better order, but I just love my messy chaotic style.
  • Live here and now – this is one of the main ones, for your own happiness, please, learn to stay present. We have only this moment, enjoy it, appreciate it. Live the fullest at this exact moment.
  • Help others – nothing else gives more joy and bring you happiness than a possibility to help others. Do some charity work, help elderly people, children, homeless, animals (I am for those who can’t speak up for themselves. I am against cruelty and I am for animal rights) and so on. You can help in million ways, tell where the bus stop is and show direction, spend some time with someone who really needs a shoulder to cry on at this moment, give your sandwich to someone who looks like in a starvation, etc. You are giving your time and/or material goods, but in return, you will gain much more than that.
  • Say thank you to others and yourself – for each single thing someone does for you, say thank you. Think about it, feel it and mean it. Don’t forget about yourself, you are the most precious human being there is in your life, when you do something good for your own self, appreciate it and say thank you. It is time to stop your inner critic and let your best self to take over.
  • Think positive – it is about the attitude towards your life, thinking positive is a game changer.
  • Read and write positive quotes – every day read at least one positive quote about subjects you’re interested or you’re struggling. Print some out, put them in a visible place, you can even make your own quote board and put it on a wall, it can be a good reminder and positive vibe boost.
  • Meditate – it calms you down and brings you “here and now” feeling, afterward your thoughts are more organized and have more meaning.
  • Enjoy the little things in life – small things create big ones. I like to see beauty and joy in little things, it makes my days a lot more positive, I become more curious about everything and it reminds me of the characteristics of the child, which a lot of adults tend to loose over years. Our world is a wonderful place where to live at, you can find a spark in everything if you try, after a while, it just becomes natural for you.
  • Appreciate food you are eating – be thankful for food on your plate, sad is the fact that even nowadays there are a lot of people who don’t have even that and it is vital to the health and life-support. Enjoy your meal, take it slow, chew carefully, feel the texture, smell, and noise it makes, see how your taste buds react. I m for healthy, balanced plant-based diet. Natural, whole products, no one got hurt during the process, it is good for health, all living beings and our planet. Plus there are so many vegan alternatives, recipes and a lot of vegan foods are tasty as hell! I would really recommend you to try at least some meals and products. In my article, you can see more information about veganism, if you are interested.
  • Smile more often – you will live longer, well, I can’t give you guaranteed approval on this fact, but I can assure you that you will look and feel happier. Life seems in different colors. Others will notice it and it will spread, smiling is contagious. So – smile more! 🙂

These are my tips, which has helped me as well. I hope you will try them out on your own and see that life really can turn into more attractive and pleasant journey. There are a lot of books on this subject, one of them is Words Of Gratitude by Robert A. Emmons and Joanna Hill.