Could it be even more cliché – love?

What is love? The butterfly feeling in the stomach? Trust and commitment? Mutual sympathy and feelings? Trying the best for yourself and your loved one? Going together hand by hand through rough times? Doing all you can to make compromises in problem-situations? Doing the best to solve tense situations? Not giving up no matter what…

Honestly…all that and million other things. There is no particular description of love. It feels and it is completely incomprehensible at the same time fully reasonable. We would like to choose the perfect one whom we would love till the end of our days and that person would love as back but, unfortunately, or fortunately, it doesn’t happen like that. We can’t choose the person we will fall in love with, other it happens or not. If it doesn’t happen from our side but for the other it does, we shouldn’t feel guilty about it. The best way here is to let go…because it’s not worth it. In this way, there will be no happiness despite from which side we look. And we should keep this in mind as well when the situation is reversed. Fighting and not giving up is a great thing to do but, clearly, you should feel that there is hope that the relationship could succeed, it’s necessary to understand that it is worth the pain and nerves to solve the issues. If there is mutual love, understanding, and trust within each other, it’s worth it. Otherwise better to let go.

There are millions of people which are happily in love and millions which are heartbroken. If your heart has been broken once, you know how painful it is and how deep the wound remains and how long time it can take to heal it, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on love and build walls around your heart and lose the capability to feel. Although it’s understandable, myself, I have built some walls a long time ago and even if I have tried a couple of times to break them down in last few years, yet, I haven’t manage to do that fully. But I know that it will happen. Need to work on that a bit more.

I have to say…I didn’t see myself writing this kind of post. Selfdvelopement, health, veganism, food, carrier, even politics and economics, and a lot of other topics bring it on, baby! Romantic relationships and love? Well, I kind of like to avoid this topic and focus on different areas but at some point, I felt that it is important enough, because what is life without love, affection, emotions? Without that, it feels empty no matter how hard you try to do your best in different areas of life. People are social beings, we need to feel a  deeper connection with others. Friendships, family ties, romantic relationship, it all fulfills our heart and soul and it gives meaning to our lives. This is significant and it is a reminder to all of us, who sometimes forget about it.

Make sure you tell your closed ones how much you love them. If there is someone special spend some time together. If you feel a bit hopeless in terms of love, don’t worry, it will come, when least expected in a condition that you’ll won’t run from it and will accept it…just take your time, move slowly but surely.  Right time, right place, no doubts.

Christmas is coming, make sure you surround yourself with people you care for.

What’s your story about love? How do you feel about it?