Radical statements and beliefs. No! Why not?

[Photo: Latvia/Riga. Taken by author] Simply because since I remember myself, I always have thought that everyone should have the freedom for their own opinions and beliefs and their way of life till it's not acting out and destroying other living being lives in a malicious way. You'd call me a freedom fighter? Be it … Continue reading Radical statements and beliefs. No! Why not?

Why Vegan: Ethical aspect

[Photo: Vietnam/Hội An. Taken by author] People tend to go vegan for different reasons - health, environmental and ethical. Some have a balance between all three of them, some have, more likely, just for one or maybe two. Those who tend to care more about their health are more categorized into eating a whole food, … Continue reading Why Vegan: Ethical aspect

How to eat healthier? (product alternatives)

[Photo: Taken by author]   There are many ways, how we can interpret phrase "healthier lifestyle", for me it is not only about healthy eating and being fit, I would include a lot of aspects of this term - eating balanced, healthy foods in right amounts for each single individual, exercise daily by doing physical … Continue reading How to eat healthier? (product alternatives)

Introduction (Go Vegan?)

[Photo: Taken by author]   There are a lot of sources about veganism, going vegan, nutrition, best places to dine out, tons of recipes, meal preps etc. In my attention is to take summary from all and write it down in an easy, simple way to show you, dear reader, what veganism is and what … Continue reading Introduction (Go Vegan?)