How to eat healthier? (product alternatives)

[Photo: Taken by author]   There are many ways, how we can interpret phrase "healthier lifestyle", for me it is not only about healthy eating and being fit, I would include a lot of aspects of this term - eating balanced, healthy foods in right amounts for each single individual, exercise daily by doing physical … Continue reading How to eat healthier? (product alternatives)

How to stay committed​?

If you want to see your dreams becoming a reality, you have to work for it and you have to redirect yourself to your goal. There will be ups and downs, different circumstances, difficulties. As well, exact opposite - good and fun ideas, struggle to go and have fun with friends/family, overcome temptations or just simple human … Continue reading How to stay committed​?

How to follow your passion?

I have my both hands and legs up for an idea to let your inner self follow a higher passion. If you learn how to listen to yourself, you will start living with a totally different approach. Why I think it is important to follow your passion career-wise? For two main reasons. We spend most … Continue reading How to follow your passion?

Neurotic extravert

I was reading a book about positive psychology (It has been written by Latvian Psy.D/ dean/ writer, the name can be useful for those who understand Latvian. “Pozitīvā psiholoģija” – Guna Svence. There are a lot of books for English speaking people as well), some refreshment from basic psychology where the focus is more on … Continue reading Neurotic extravert

How to accept yourself and stop comparing​ yourself to others?

Another important thing you should learn by going this how to live happier life road is to accept the amazing individual that you are. Self-worth and self – love is the most attractive things in a person. While I am editing this post, outside is cold and snowy winter day, I am all crawled up … Continue reading How to accept yourself and stop comparing​ yourself to others?

How to think positive?

In previous posts, I wrote that life is about your mind. It is up to you how you will live your life. It is your decision. You make choices which affect the outcomes. I believe in positive thinking. I would like to mention these Mahatma Gandhi words: "Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become … Continue reading How to think positive?