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Hi, my dear reader.

Nice to see you at “My ridiculously healthy life”, thanks for visiting!  I hope that in this blog you will find some answers that you’re looking for. That’s the reason I do this in the first place, to help others in my own way.

Now I will introduce you a bit with this mysterious creature who I am.
My name is water spirit or nymph, as it has been used in mythology, but in real life, people call me Undine. I am from Latvia, for few years I have lived and worked as a model in Paris and some other places. One of my passion is to travel around the world, so I try to do that as much as I can. I have been interested in healthy lifestyle since 2011, during this period I have screwed up big time and gone back on track. That’s why this blog has its name, even if I had my best intentions of healthy life, I’ve had some periods and times which were ridiculous and “healthy” was just the top coat, not the true self. Even now, at points, it gets quite hilarious and ridiculous but in a way, that’s still healthy enough and makes me smile.
I want to share with you my knowledge, experience, and thoughts about life. The ups and downs that there is in it, the extraordinary life vision, tell about a different lifestyle, healthy eating and everything that you can go through to achieve that point, which is exactly the best way for your own body and state of mind. How to start to do physical activities that you really love, not just those which you do because you have to. Some thoughts and advice about traveling and everything that comes along with it. Self-love and improvement. It’s about your mind, body, and spirit. How to be happy and healthy. And, hell no, I am not saying that it is easy, but I can promise you, it is worth it.
I know how it is to go through some rough times by myself, as well, how it is when there is someone who helps. Because of this experience, came a thought to create this blog – a place where I can express myself in a way that’s useful and helpful to you, my dear reader.
When I truly started to believe that I am the one and the only person who creates my own life as I want it to be, and I took some action, things started to happen in the way I wanted. The same is for you. It is up to you, other life will be pleasant or exact opposite – miserable. Is it about your mind? Yes, it is.
I will be here with you because it is all about constant improvement.


So, will you join me on this ridiculously healthy journey?

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