Slow down

Living your dream, living every single day to the fullest, being the best version of yourself, helping others, doing what you’re passionate about, working hard…yes, it is great and you should do that, but…there is always a little “but” somewhere, while doing that, don’t forget to enjoy the moment, to be where you are at this exact moment, to take a deep breath and feel the gratitude for what you already have, that comes in and out with your breath.

It is good to work towards your goals, dreams, and life you want to see, but at the same time, it is necessary to embrace the moment. Feel the love that it gives to you.

“Racing isn’t about how long it takes you to get from the start to the finish, it’s the adventure you have along the way, the people you meet, and the unique moments you share.”

-Simon Wheatcroft

I admire and respect people who strive to achieve their goals and do their utmost to achieve them, however, it is important not to become obsessed with it, and in times not to take it so seriously and be where you are right now.

Sometimes, even though, most of the times I like what I do, I have to slow myself down, because every now and then I caught myself with too many thoughts, like, what I should do, what would be the best for me and others, what can I improve etc, and then I realize, that in this way I am not really living and enjoying my life to it’s fullest. It’s impossible to be truly happy unless you live in present. Now I have learned to notice and recognize the triggers and return myself to the present moment.

Take time to see your surroundings, enjoy the time with people who care about you and you care about them. Accept and spread love, because in the end of the story, the most valuable “things” in your life will be the moments, which you spent with your loved ones, those moments that taught you a lot, those passionate moments in which your heart began to beat faster…the moments in which you enjoyed the little things of life and enjoyed that particular moment. Not how much money you earned, how many books you wrote, how many countries you visited, what kind of house you bought and newest gadgets and so on. It’s not about things or numbers, it is about the journey of life and the feelings along the way.

“The moment we stop fighting it, the moment we embrace what we feel for one another, will be the moment we finally start living.”

– Romeo B. Cameron


2 thoughts on “Slow down”

  1. Some really good points – and all too often we are rushing through the moments in working towards that ‘big end goal’ – that isnt really a goal because when we get there we then move the goal posts further back and keep going, all the while not taking in the moments, as you have mentioned. I have found that in particular with phones and now that we record and take picture of everything so we can remember it, whilst at the same time not living in the moment appreciating it happening because we are too busy try to make a memory! ha. Thanks for sharing your post 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I agree with the photo taking part as well, I like to take photos, exact for that purpouse you mentioned, in that way it stays more in my mind, but in the same time, even if I know I could make a better shot, quite often I just take a quick snap and I’m not spending a lot of time thinking if it will be good enough, because I want to enoy the moment and most of the times, the best shots still remain caputured in my mind and heart 🙂

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