Benefits of yoga practice

Thought about yoga was sitting in corner of my mind for several years before I really went and tried it. Before that, I had this thought that it will be too slow for me, all thought, during my lifetime, I have been involved in many different physical activities, but this one just didn’t seem that would go along with my fast nature. Oh, I was wrong! It was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful and happy that I decided to give it a try. I started to practice yoga because I needed to calm myself down, not because, straight away, I wanted to hit my goals doing Taraksvasana or Pungu Mayurasana or something like that. Ha-ha. My nerves were thin like a silk thread and I was like a time bomb, which at any moment could explode. In Paris, near my home, I had noticed yoga studio from the time they reopened there studio in that area. One day I tried it out and I found what I was looking for – great teacher, cozy studio, thoughtful yoga practice, and rather a high emphasis on the mental side, than just physical postures – asanas. Slowly I started to become more calm, more aware of my surroundings and “here and now” moments, I started to appreciate more what I have. My stress levels are lover now. I can deal with life situations easier, more thoughtful, without panic etc. Of course, there are also physical benefits, in general, I feel more energetic, my flexibility and strength improved. I can breath more deeply and I am more aware of my breath on a daily basis, I find this very useful and I am a big fan of different kind of breathing techniques. My constant neck pain, which bothered me for 1,5 to 2 years, is gone. Of course, it is not only because of yoga, I have worked on myself in many aspects, but, for sure, yoga helps a lot in all this.

Now, for some time, I am practicing at home without a teacher, but I’m in search of new one, I have a place in my mind already, so I will see if I will find there what I’m looking for after my foot will be healed properly.

There are many physical and mental benefits of yoga:


  • increased flexibility

  • increased muscle tone and strength

  • increased energy level

  • stronger immune system

  • better posture

  • a better sense of balance

  • better sleep

  • lower weight

  • lower risk of injury

  • better life quality during menopause

  • lower migraine symptoms

  • lower PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) symptoms

  • reduced risk for various conditions – cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic neck and low-back pain, asthma, etc.

  • awareness about diet – what, how much, when

  • etc.


  • reduced depression and anxiety

  • stress relief

  • increased attention and concentration

  • calmness

  • awareness of breathing and your own body

  • etc.

Here you can check out more information about yoga and how it affects your body, mind, and spirit.


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