How to follow your passion?

I have my both hands and legs up for an idea to let your inner self follow a higher passion. If you learn how to listen to yourself, you will start living with a totally different approach. Why I think it is important to follow your passion career-wise? For two main reasons.

We spend most of our time working. It could be absolutely depressing and disappointing to waste our life by doing things what we dislike or even hate.

Second reason – if you really want to put in full of your potential, energy, willpower and succeed while doing that, you have to love what you do. There will be circumstances and people who will try to stop you. If you won’t love what you do, if you won’t be passionate about it, at some point you will give up. Our brain works like that, we are not meant to struggle. Our brain wants to save us, it’s not for doing what’s hard, what’s a must. We have to make that decision and stick to it. Simply, if you really won’t love what you do, you will give up, because you won’t see the purpose and your brain will demand you to stop.

Some tips, which can help you to get to your starting point:

Be realistic – I am all for supporting crazy, interesting and adventures ideas, but they have to have a good plan, you have to have some understanding how to realize them.

Take a bit time, don’t jump right in  – sometimes it can be quite overwhelming when you had enough and you want to make dramatic life changes.

Think again – overthink everything once again. Not too much, though. Otherwise, you will start to have doubts and you will back down.

Find out what your good at, not only what you desperately like – write down all things where you are good at. If you’re struggling, ask your family and friends, they can help because they know you quite well, plus, they know the perspective from outside.

Try it out before you commit yourself to it – OK, you know your dream. That’s fantastic! It truly is, there’s just a tiny question. Are you good at what you so desperately like? For example, you would like to be a fashion photographer because you like fashion and every now and then you took quite good photos of nature, some portraits here and there or some funny poses of your neighbors cat, but even if you have taken some photos during years, you have no idea how that would actually go together.

If you have a vision, you’re halfway there  If not, you should try out your skills by assisting someone in your desired profession. Look what they are doing, pay attention, learn, ask advice.

Find your mentor –  Ask for his help and advice, in your free moments take that knowledge and put it down into practice.

Don’t quit the job which feeds you – quitting your job to follow your passion probably is the stupidest advice person could get. Unless you have quite big savings or someone is financially supporting you. Don’t quit your job. You still will need to pay your bills and eat, plus, you may even have extra expenses to build up and support your passion.  You will have to combine your daily work and passion. It won’t be easy but you must keep in mind why you are doing this and that like this won’t be forever.

Make a plan – put down how will you achieve your goals. Add as many details as possible. Set also deadlines for small goals.

Think about ups and downs that probably will come across – they will come, no doubts. This can help you to focus when something goes wrong and will help you to stay on the ground when first success hits in.

Visualize your new life and ask yourself if that is what you really want – Yeeeey! Time for the fun part. Close your eyes and go into daydreaming. Visualize how your life would look like when you would achieve your goals – when you would live a life that you are so passionate about. Imagine also all small details. Afterward, ask yourself this question – is this really how I would like to spend my life?

Start acting – just start to do those things which you wrote in your plan.

Stay committed – there will be tough times, you will feel angry, sad, lonely. You will feel like you want to give up. But you won’t. Why? Because if that is what you really want, you will do whatever it takes, no matter what.

What is your passion? What do you do to make your dreams a reality? 


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