Traveling (Intro)

Travelling is like an addiction because once you tried it, you can’t stop. It can be difficult and hard at times, but it gives such fulfillment, joy, pride, and power. It changes the mindset, it shows how to live, helps to appreciate people, places and things around you. It leads you on your path for your own existence in this world.

For me, the main reason is not seeing unseen and meeting new people. Yes, it includes that as well, all-thought under that there are deeper reasons. I like to travel because no matter where I go, I do the one thing that I love and which keeps me going. Traveling helps me to see myself from a different perspective and it pressures me to grow.

It helps me to let go of my fear. To try new things. To face my weaknesses and try harder.

I like to throw myself out of my comfort zone because I know other I do it myself or life will put me in crazy situations itself. There is no way out. Not for me. Because I want to see, to learn, to experience. If you will always stay within your comfort zone, you will be stuck. All your life you will be like a robot which keeps on doing the same thing over and over again. There are different types of people in this world and if you like your routine, you’re not complaining or secretly dreaming about adventures, you are doing great!  Not everyone is for “throwing themselves out there”. If you truly feel satisfied and happy, be grateful for what you have and keep on enjoying your wonderful life.

But if you are not, find some time, figure out what are your desires, make a plan and start doing something about it.

Traveling is a good way to get out from your comfort zone. It may be difficult, but if you travel, push yourself out from the ordinary. Do things you normally wouldn’t do, go where you wouldn’t go, eat what you usually don’t eat at home. I will be honest, if you do exactly what you would do while staying in your own country, you won’t get the amazing experience that life and traveling can offer you. If you choose to do the same things – better you stay at home.

You don’t have to drop everything and do what the hell comes into your mind. Stay focused, be committed to your values in life. Don’t change who you are, stay committed to things you love and you like. The only thing you have to do, be more flexible, be able to adapt, explore. I like to be active, but if it won’t be possible to do anything for 1-3 days, I will let it slide, if someone will say – you will not be able to walk/do yoga/ exercises etc. for 1 week or more – I will look for ways how to do it or find different course of action. I do not eat anything that contains animal by-products and in some places can come up some issues due to that, but I will figure out something. I will not change my attitude about important values in my life and I will stay committed. The only thing that I will do while I’m traveling, I will find ways how I can adjust my needs to the situation and location I’m in. In some moments it can be quite easy in some quite difficult, anyways, I will find a solution.


I have been in several countries and I crave to see more.

My purpose in life is to find balance in life, meanwhile to be and to do the best I can to improve myself, after which I have the ability to help others in ways I can.

Traveling is what helps my growth. That is the main reason why I love it so much.

Traveling. What does it mean to you?



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