Why Vegan: Ethical aspect

[Photo: Vietnam/Hội An. Taken by author] People tend to go vegan for different reasons - health, environmental and ethical. Some have a balance between all three of them, some have, more likely, just for one or maybe two. Those who tend to care more about their health are more categorized into eating a whole food, … Continue reading Why Vegan: Ethical aspect

Benefits of meditation

[Photo: Tenerife/Spain. Taken by author] There are moments when you realize that you feel like you're trapped in a hamster wheel which endlessly keeps on spinning. Usually, there are some triggers which may help you to notice this feeling before comes in the big "explosion". Pay attention to your feelings, listen to yourself. Do you … Continue reading Benefits of meditation

25 life lessons in 25 years

[Photo: Bardonecchia/Italy. Taken by author]   Couple days ago I had my 26th birthday. One step closer to 30, I have dual feelings about this. One part is quite scared of getting older (Quite common fear. No one wants to get older, that means closer to the end of this life. Mainly, all fears, in … Continue reading 25 life lessons in 25 years

Traveling as a vacation vs. traveling as lifestyle

[Photo: London/United Kingdom. Taken by author]   There is a slight difference between these two. Vacation is a good getaway when you had just a bit too much, you want to take some time off, go somewhere, lay down under a palm tree and take a nice sip of your favorite tropical cocktail. Or if … Continue reading Traveling as a vacation vs. traveling as lifestyle

Routine is killing the creative self

[Photo: Paris/France. Taken by author]   Don't let yourself, anyone else or anything to destroy your creativity. Your inner creative child has been with you since your birth and still is, maybe she's a bit lost at moments, but she never leaves you. You just need to let express herself. There are moments in life when routine … Continue reading Routine is killing the creative self

Slow down

[Photo: Italy. Taken by author]   Living your dream, living every single day to the fullest, being the best version of yourself, helping others, doing what you're passionate about, working hard...yes, it is great and you should do that, but...there is always a little “but” somewhere, while doing that, don't forget to enjoy the moment, … Continue reading Slow down

Benefits of yoga practice

[Photo: Riga/Latvia. Taken by author]    Thought about yoga was sitting in corner of my mind for several years before I really went and tried it. Before that, I had this thought that it will be too slow for me, all thought, during my lifetime, I have been involved in many different physical activities, but … Continue reading Benefits of yoga practice